The Biggest Success Stories From People Featured On Intervention

During residency, we had the first of four children. My son, I thought, would solve our problems sober success stories and bring us closer. She got herself a sponsor then attended 90 meetings over 90 days.

  • When he came home, he said he had a good time, but he seemed melancholy.
  • “The greatest thing I can do is to show up for my daughter completely, every day,” Ryan vowed.
  • With every unsuccessful attempt to abstain, which never lasted more than a day, I became more and more frustrated.
  • And then, I got a break, but I would be drunk.
  • He’d been arrested six times for DUI and driven drunk with their daughter Lyric in the car.
  • “I feel a bit fish out of water syndrome, you know?” Pardlo admitted as he entered rehab.

She was exhausted from dealing with Pardlo’s volatile behavior. He’d been arrested six times for DUI and driven drunk with their daughter Lyric in the car. Penny-Lee was a mom who lived in a small village in Hawaii — she was also an alcoholic, becoming ever-increasingly reclusive as she drank herself to death. “Penny-Lee has an infectious laugh and loves to have fun,” her episode summary reads. Hundreds of men have recovered after successfully completing our sober living program. We aren’t taking credit, it’s all their higher power (whatever that is) and the diligent hard work they put in to recreate their best self.

“This place is the most amazing treatment center I’ve gone to!”

But, it was when Coley’s mom OD’d and died that his life really spiraled. John Golden’s story was featured in Season 2 of “Intervention.” He was a chronic alcoholic and crack cocaine addict. “All John can see is the loss in his life,” the episode summary reads.

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Recovery Success Stories to Inspire You

Behind-the-scenes work, patience, and a willingness to communicate in a new way paved the way for new possibilities. Their loved one is engaged and happy and has newfound purpose in his life. I am now a very grateful recovering alcoholic. My life is full of surprises all the time. I am grateful to have a program I can use to help me grow through life’s challenges.

They’re about growing along spiritual lines, and sobriety is a by-product of that. Living by spiritual principles is not something that other 21-year olds were doing. The recovery community was different then, too. There weren’t as many young people in recovery as there are today. Everything that I believed in, everything that I was about, and my perception on life had to change. I couldn’t cope with looking in the mirror.

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