Small Business Bookkeeping: A Beginners Guide

small business bookkeeping and accounting

For example, when money comes from a sale, it will credit the sales revenue account. Making sure transactions are properly assigned to accounts gives you the best view of your business and helps you extract the most helpful reports from your bookkeeping software. At the end of every pay period, the bookkeeper will accumulate employee payroll bookkeeping details that include hours worked and rates. From there, the total pay is determined with the applicable taxes and withholdings. In the accounting software, the primary journal entry for total payroll is a debit to the compensation account and credits cash. Some bookkeepers enter information into and reconcile basic general ledger accounts.

Individual line items are then broken down into subcategories called accounts. In our ice cream shop example, some accounts in your ledger might be “revenue-ice cream sales”, “expenses-ice cream ingredients”, etc. Mixing together personal and business expenses in the same account can also result in unnecessary stress when you need to file taxes or do your bookkeeping. It could mean a business expense gets lost in your personal account and you miss out on an important deduction. If you wait until the end of the year to reconcile or get your financial transactions in order, you won’t know if you or your bank made a mistake until you’re buried in paperwork at tax time.

Chart of Accounts

Just because you do most of your work from your dining room table doesn’t mean that you can deduct your entire monthly rent. Luckily, the IRS has put together a comprehensive guide on business deductions that you can consult if you’re ever unsure about a deduction. Getting your books together and producing financial statements is the only way to gauge the financial health of your small business.

small business bookkeeping and accounting

Because of this, many small business owners decide to seek professional accounting services. One of the most widely used accounting programs for successfully managing your finances and running your company is QuickBooks Online. In addition to managing cash flow and creating invoices, it also allows you to prepare taxes. With Zoho Books, you can keep track of your spending, generate reports, join accounts, and issue invoices—all of the capabilities you need to manage your money. If you require them, it also offers more sophisticated functions like time monitoring and project accounting.

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